Gito, the Ungrateful


Time Out says

In outline, Ngabo's (and Burundi's) first feature sounds like an Eric Rohmer comedy of manners. Back home with a Parisian diploma in his pocket and expecting to walk into a civil service job, Gito finds himself both unemployed and caught between two women: his current French girlfriend Christine and his local old flame Flora. If it plays more like sit-com than Rohmer, then that reflects Ngabo's need to appeal to audiences at home and abroad and his well-developed sense of humour: the film runs rings round both male pride and the emerging African bourgeoisie. Minor, but highly watchable.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Léonce Ngabo
Léonce Ngabo, Patrick Herzig
Joseph Kumbela
Marie Bunel
Aoua Sangare
Louis Kamatari