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Liman's second feature trades in the drop-dead cool of Pulp Fiction, and except for a couple of late cop-outs it's packed with gags, novelties and surprises. It's a balmy Christmas Eve: check-out girl Ronna (Polley) finishes a double shift, impetuously drops in on Todd (Olyphant), the not-so-friendly pusher of her British colleague Simon, and persuades him she's got a no-risk deal with Adam and Zack (Wolf and Mohr). She doesn't know, however, that they're really actors working a sting with a scarily intense cop (Fichtner). Meanwhile, Simon (Askew) is having a hell of a time in Vegas. Connections are sometimes forced (would Todd lend his credit card to Simon? Do Adam and Zack belong at a rave?), but Liman is always a jump ahead, switching tempo and point of view with sufficient alacrity to disguise how slight the stories are. Like his earlier Swingers, this isn't just confident, it's cocky. In the end, neither amounts to much, but they boast so many memorable bits of business that the sum of the parts easily exceeds the whole.

By: TCh


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Doug Liman
John August
William Fichtner
Scott Wolf
Desmond Askew
Timothy Olyphant
Sarah Polley
Katie Holmes
Jay Mohr
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