Go Fish


Time Out says

A lively romantic comedy set in Chicago which blows fresh air on the fusty conventions applied to the representation of lesbian and gay lives. Five women - aspirant writer Max, college lecturer Kia, reserved vet's assistant Ely, sharp-minded Daria, divorced nurse Evy - do the thing twenty- and thirty-somethings do. They hang out, cook, drink, talk and then talk some more. Here for a change are people who seem to come from somewhere. Troche makes sure that detail is minutely, tellingly observed, and quite naturally adds a moral political dimension. What's also welcome is that the characters' sexual identity is given - they're lesbians. If you can accept that, now we're talking.

By: WH


Release details

83 mins

Cast and crew

Rose Troche
Rose Troche, Guinevere Turner
VS Brodie
Guinevere Turner
T Wendy McMillan
Migdalia Melendez
Anastasia Sharp
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