Godard on TV: 1960–2000


Time Out says

A cheeky Godardian assembly of TV clips featuring everyone's favourite mad artist, from jeunesse to senility, you might say. The governing irony is that Jean-Luc, for all his latter-day conversion to video, attests to loathe television: 'With TV I feel I'm in occupied territory. My country is the imagination.' Or 'TV leaves you with the forgettable; cinema leaves you with memories.' Yet he doesn't hesitate to appear on the box, to pontificate on whatever with inscrutable sagacity. 'I love to talk with no meaning, I'm the champion of that,' he admits. And TV loves him for it. This jape is amusing and a little depressing, but it's worth it to see JLG walk on his hands, and occasional quips hit home: 'The films we see on TV aren't films, they're reproductions of films.'


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52 mins

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Michel Royer
Michel Royer
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