Going Off Big Time


Time Out says

Scouse bloke Mark Clayton (Fitzmaurice) has kept out of trouble all his life, until he accidentally hits a cop and get four years in jail. Helped by old timer Hill, he learns survival skills (worthy of Alcatraz) and, once released, is soon heading a gang of ex-cons. Although scams and dodgy deals are lucrative and a laff, Mark begins to tire when he gets to know posh bird Natasha (Barr). Is he in too deep? The Liverpudlian production team have gone for a comic spin, and the film has its moments, such as Mark's first meeting with a crook who's 'more Stringfella than Goodfella - couldn't read or write but could spell Versace.' The acting, however, is variable, the mix of violence and capering uneasy, and the romance strictly routine.


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Jim Doyle
Neil Fitzmaurice
Neil Fitzmaurice
Dominic Carter
Sarah Alexander
Nick Lamont
Gabbi Barr
Nick Moss
Vinnie Adams
Peter Kay
Bernard Hill
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