Gold Diggers of 1935

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Not a patch on Gold Diggers of 1933, this is set in a hotel where Powell, a medical student doubling as hotel clerk, falls for the daughter (Stuart) of a stingy multi-millionairess (Brady). The annual charity show is naturally being put on, and the plot revolves around the efforts of a mad Russian director (Menjou) and assorted associates to take the millionairess for as much as they can. Since Berkeley (his first solo as director) seems to have no idea how to handle actors, the result is acres of atrocious mugging (Menjou being the worst offender) and a couple of Powell ballads. Survive the first 70 minutes, however, and there are two big production numbers. The first ('The Words Are in My Heart') is standard Berkeley fare, involving chorines and waltzing white pianos. But 'The Lullaby of Broadway' is one of his most inventive choreographies: a mini-chronicle of a day in the life of the Great White Way, ending with the night bringing on an exhilarating horde of tap dancers.

By: TM


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Busby Berkeley
Manuel Seff, Peter Milne
Dick Powell
Adolphe Menjou
Gloria Stuart
Alice Brady
Hugh Herbert
Gloria Farrell
Frank McHugh
Winifred Shaw
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