Time Out says

This comic-edged first feature by Wu Di (cinematographer of The Days and Postman) has the same feel for street-level realities found in other Beijing indies, but a jauntier tone than most of them. Ma is the only guy his age in urban China who is scared to emigrate. One girlfriend has already left him over this issue; another gets him as far as the airport before he chickens out of flying to San Francisco. Trouble is, they've said their goodbyes to family and friends - and so they find themselves hiding in a rented farmhouse outside the city, pretending to be abroad. Retour d'Afrique had a similar premise, but this turns into a much sharper meditation on mental and other prisons when Ma starts breeding and selling goldfish, envying them their 'freedom'...


Release details

70 mins

Cast and crew

Wu Di
Wu Di, Ma Xiaoyong
Ma Xiaoyong
Zheng Tianwei
Yang Lu
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