1 out of 5 stars

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1 out of 5 stars

Paranoid abduction survivor Jill (Seyfried) has never fully recovered from her kidnapping at the hands of a mysterious attacker. So when her sister disappears one morning, the cops are hesitant to believe Jill's story: that her kidnapper has returned, intent on revenge. Siblings aren't the only things missing from Gone: Suspense, scares and common sense are all likewise MIA. The one cop (Bentley) who buys Jill's story looks like the most likely suspect (or at least the most likely red herring)---and then he vanishes for the entire third act to, supposedly, make his mother some soup. Wait, what? From the sound of that bizarre anti-twist, it would appear that this thriller's original ending evaporated into thin air at some point too.

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