Gone in Sixty Seconds

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Despite the flashy paint job and HipHop stereo soundtrack, Sena's reworking of HB Halicki's 1974 cult car-chase movie lacks grunt and growl beneath the hood. Where the original had too many car chases and not enough plot or characterisation, this has too much plot, too many characters and not enough metal crunching, tyre squealing action. The script is all chassis and no engine, while the messy direction lacks grip and acceleration. Forced out of retirement when his kid brother Kip (Ribisi) crosses some heavy duty criminals, legendary car thief 'Memphis' Raines (Cage) must reunite his old crew and steal 50 cars in one night, or kiss his sibling's ass goodbye. Hamstrung by the clunky script, the always watchable Cage is forced to overplay his modest hand, while Jolie has to content herself with a visually arresting cameo. Only charismatic ex-footballer Jones makes any impression - in part because his character, the mute and enigmatic Sphinx, is spared any embarrassing dialogue. In support, meanwhile, assorted seasoned actors stand around like spanners in search of the right-sized nut.

By: NF


Release details

118 mins

Cast and crew

Dominic Sena
Scott Rosenberg
Nicolas Cage
Angelina Jolie
Giovanni Ribisi
Delroy Lindo
Will Patton
Christopher Eccelston
Chi McBride
Robert Duvall
Scott Caan
Vinnie Jones
TJ Cross
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