Good Housekeeping


Time Out says

Coming on like an insane brew of Ishii's Crazy Family and Harmony Korine's freewheeling schizophrenic essays, this black satire on a North Hollywood white trash family who descend to near animal behaviour (in the period before the parents' divorce) pushes audience tolerance to the limit. Guntoting, Puppetmaster-obsessed Don (Mills) explodes when wife Donatella (Westen) takes a supportive lesbian lover; he divides the house down the middle and with his drinking cronies (including a militant men's rights activist and a so-called paralegal) prepares for battle to the end. Remarkable for its view of the cops (mere domestic go-betweens) and its all embracing cynicism, this bleak account of the sex war makes uncomfortable viewing, but it's fun seeing the actors rule the roost. May appeal to disillusioned youth.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Frank Novak
Frank Novak
Al Schuermann
Bob Mills
Tracey Adams
Scooter Stephan
Petra Westen
Andrew Eichner
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