Goodbye, Boys


Time Out says

Directed by a great lost name of '60s Soviet cinema, this was shelved and forbidden for export, emerging only 25 years later. It shouldn't be seen purely as a historical curio, though. Very much of its time, but still extremely fresh, it's an alternately lyrical and cynical evocation of youth in a Black Sea resort before World War II. Three adolescent boys enjoy their last summer together before being packed off reluctantly to military school. The use of newsreel footage - which was partly what got the film into trouble - is somewhat jarring, but otherwise it is light on polemic. The boys' quirks and follies are sympathetically observed, and the sense of place is flawless.


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Mikhail Kalik
Boris Balter
Yevgeni Steblov
Mikhail Kononov
Nikolai Dostal
Natalia Bogoenova
Victoria Fedorova
Anna Rodjonova
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