Goodbye Charlie


Time Out says

Charlie, a philandering scriptwriter, is murdered by an irate husband and promptly reincarnated with a sex change (Reynolds). Scenes of sexual confusion ensue, involving Debbie ogling semi-clad lovelies at the beauty salon or enthusiastically deciding to 'try out the new equipment' on an amorous Pat Boone. But this was 1964, making it still the '50s in Hollywood time, and the issues to do with feminism and bisexuality that arise naturally from such a plot are entirely suppressed in favour of smutty double entendres. Reynolds and Curtis (in a disposable role as Charlie's permanently aghast best pal) race at full speed through reams of dud dialogue, while Minnelli amuses himself colour coordinating costumes and set decorations. Based, very noticeably, on a stage play (by George Axelrod).

By: BBa


Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

Vincente Minnelli
Harry Kurnitz
Debbie Reynolds
Tony Curtis
Pat Boone
Walter Matthau
Joanna Barnes
Ellen McRae Ellen Burstyn
Martin Gabel
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