Goodbye, Mr Chips


Time Out says

With his cane, scarf, mortar-board and perpetual hangdog expression, Robert Donat seemed to embody Neville Chamberlain - 'I have a piece of paper and it's spelt incorrectly. One hundred lines, Master Hitler, or you'll be slippered'. Actually, the movie always was a museum piece, and- if you are in the right mood - a deeply affecting one. Donat's schoolmaster looks back upon his life - his surrogate fatherhood to scores of boys, his marriage to Mrs Miniver, who dies during childbirth - and Olde England passes before our very eyes.

By: ATu


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

Sam Wood
RC Sherriff, Claudine West, Eric Maschwitz
Robert Donat
Greer Garson
Terry Kilburn
John Mills
Paul Henreid
Judith Furse
Lyn Harding
Milton Rosmer
Guy Middleton
Nigel Stock
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