Goodbye New York


Time Out says

Garrulous insurance saleswoman Hagerty, betrayed by her unfaithful hubby, sets out for Paris in seach of peace of mind, only to end up penniless and stranded in Israel. Kollek offers us a predictable plot and dismal propaganda about the values of kibbutz culture. A fatal flaw in the film is that both Hagerty and Kollek himself, playing an Israeli army reserve who becomes her chief suitor, are so unsympathetic. Another is that Hagerty's sub-Judy Holliday kook is simply not strong enough to carry such thin and clichéd material.

By: GA


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Amos Kollek
Amos Kollek
Julie Hagerty
Amos Kollek
Shmuel Shiloh
Aviva Ger
David Topaz
Jennifer Babtist
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