Goodnight Vienna

Film, Drama

Time Out says

'Vienna in the summer of 1914 - gayest, handsomest city in Europe, famous alike for the lilt of its waltzes and the beauty of its women...Vienna, capital of love, where days are made for love and nights for kisses.' As the gushing introduction suggests, this romantic musical, adapted from a radio play, is sheer syrup from beginning to end. Buchanan plays a dashing Austrian cavalry officer (with his lopsided grin and braying diction, he looks and sounds as if he's just slipped out of a PG Wodehouse novel). Neagle, making her screen debut, is the Eliza Doolittle-like flower seller he falls in love with. War comes between them. He ends up a penniless shoe salesman, while she rises to become a great singer. The two are no longer on talking terms, but not even Neagle can resist Buchanan in full song.

By: GM


Release details

76 mins

Cast and crew

Herbert Wilcox
Holt Marvell, George Posford, Eric Maschwitz
Jack Buchanan
Anna Neagle
Clive Currie
Gina Malo
William Kendall
Joyce Bland
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