Time Out says

Derrick (Marsden), Jones (Headey) and Travis (Reedus) are chic NY students shacked up together in loft luxury. By day they slouch through Bogosian's communications lectures; by night they flock to glam warehouse parties in the meatpacking district. Derrick spies chaste classmate Naomi (Hudson) the worse for drink and apparently in flagrante with her boyfriend. The pals decide to start a rumour and follow its progress. But what goes around, spins way out of control. The film's most fun while it's just wallowing in its good looks. There's nothing more spoilt than a student with money, and the crew duly go to town on the trio's lifestyle. Further the self-indulgent sets are initially complemented by a swagger in the actors' steps, and a verve about the editing. The ballyhoo the film makes about rumour mongering might be merely daffy, but once the story tries to crank itself into a Shallow Grave-style potboiler, it turns into unalloyed gibberish.

By: NB


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Davis Guggenheim
Gregory Poirier, Theresa Rebeck
James Marsden
Lena Headey
Norman Reedus
Kate Hudson
Marisa Coughlan
Sharon Lawrence
Eric Bogosian
Edward James Olmos
Joshua Jackson
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