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'I'm not delusional, I'm possessed,' insists Dr Miranda Gray (Berry) - not a statement likely to inspire confidence in a criminal psychologist, and it gets her banged up in the Woodward women's pen, alongside the patients she used to treat. Dr Gray claims she saw the ghost of a distressed young woman then went blank. The police say she stabbed her husband to death. What's logical? What's sane? Not this plot, that's for sure. Despite professional protocols, Gray is treated in her former workplace by close colleague and would-be lover Pete Graham (Downey), while her alleged crime is investigated by her husband's lifelong friend, Sheriff Ryan (Lynch). Believe this and you'll have no trouble with the lurid tales of rape and burning religious torment told by ex-patient-turned-fellow inmate Chloe (Cruz). This horror movie from Dark Castle Entertainment has the same darkly gleaming paintwork as Thirteen Ghosts and Ghost Ship, but director Kassowitz and cameraman Libatique have applied some superficial polish. Unfortunately, it also shares its predecessors' poorly tuned narrative engine, which makes for a noisy, uncomfortable ride.

By: NF


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Mathieu Kassovitz
Sebastien Gutierrez
Halle Berry
Robert Downey Jr
Charles S Dutton
John Carroll Lynch
Bernard Hill
Dorian Harewood
Bronwen Mantel
Kathleen Mackey
Matthew G Taylor
Michel Perron
Penelope Cruz
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