Grand Isle


Time Out says

A soporific adaptation of The Awakening, Kate Chopin's proto-feminist, turn-of-the-century novel about a Kentucky-born wife and mother of two (McGillis) whose summer season on Grand Isle with her husband's easy-going Creole friends frees her from inhibitions. Courted by the young Pasdar, she finds herself through swimming, unrequited love, painting and other unconventional behaviour. Produced by McGillis herself, this is primarily a celebration of her extraordinary beauty, with endless loving close-ups of her flattering costumes, veiled face and naked body. Thanks to Siesta director Lambert's inept direction, there's no erotic charge, and the liberating ideas that are so strong in the book are lost amid the frocks and period detail.


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Mary Lambert
Hesper Anderson
Kelly McGillis
Adrian Pasdar
Glenne Headly
Julian Sands
Ellen Burstyn
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