Time Out says

Initially resembling a heist movie, this cash-in on the rave scene spirals around a warehouse party in San Francisco, its organisers and clubbers. Writer/director Harrison is knowledgeable and passionate about the scene, and the film is refreshingly unselfconscious about drugs and the intensity of relationships that mushroom on the dancefloor. It's beautifully shot too, the party sequences aglow with neon pinks and blues, jolting into unflattering starkness when one character discovers her fiancé's secret. And the wondrous soundtrack pumps garage, trance, breakbeats and tech-house through a cinema sound system. The insistence that raving constitutes a voyage of discovery, bonding uptight protagonist David (Linklater) and feisty New Yorker Leyla (Glaudini), is unpersuasive; but if this is often gauche, it's the most ardent film tribute yet to all-night escapism.


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

Greg Harrison
Greg Harrison
MacKenzie Firgens
Lola Glaudini
Denny Kirkwood
Hamish Linklater
Rachel True
Steve Van Wormer
Ari Gold
Chris Ferreira
Elizabeth Sun
Dimitri from the Lower Haight Dimitri Ponce
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