Gross Anatomy


Time Out says

The trials and tribulations of a first year med 'gross anatomy' class. Modine is a charismatic lead as Joe Slovak, the cocky young lad who bounces in with his basket-ball to find that not everyone views dissecting cadavers in the same carefree manner. The group's reaction to this maverick is sensitively - if not adventurously - scripted as they resist his influence and put him in his place. Mild and humorous, the film dodges the melodrama traps it sets for itself, making pleasant if forgettable viewing.

By: RK


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Thom Eberhardt
Ron Nyswaner, Mark Spragg
Matthew Modine
Daphne Zuniga
Christine Lahti
Todd Field
John Scott Clough
Alice Carter
Zakes Mokae
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