Grosse Fatigue


Time Out says

Actor Blanc's ambitious blend of doppelgänger fable and movie-movie comedy isn't, unfortunately, as funny as it'd like to be. It begins intriguingly, with Blanc up to mysteriously awful antics in Cannes and, later, Paris; then, as the puzzle moves towards its ingenious if excessively belated solution, matters get bogged down in in-jokes and bad timing. Noiret, especially, contributes an engaging cameo, but the film as a whole is much too clever for its own good. And really, Michel, gags about rape are a bit off.

By: GA


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Michel Blanc
Michel Blanc
Michel Blanc
Carole Bouquet
Philippe Noiret
Gilles Jacob
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Mathilda May
Josiane Balasko
Roman Polanski
Thierry Lhermitte
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