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Time Out says

A film thoroughly mediocre in every aspect - acting, writing, the very idea. An American journalist (Keith), victim of a KGB plot, is arrested while covering a sports tournament in Moscow. This honest and innocent hero is beaten and humiliated by various black-hearted flunkies of the Russian legal system before being carted off to a Siberian prison camp for ten years. There he eventually persuades a stiff-lipped Englishman (McDowell) - very democratic, this film, when it comes to handing out national stereotypes - to join him in an outrageous escape attempt across more than 1,000 miles of snowdriven Siberian wastes. At which point one roots for a pack of wolves to come and put an end to everyone's misery. A moving performance from Suchet (as a Jewish academic imprisoned for requesting an exit visa to Israel) simply points up what an insulting load of old cobblers the rest is.


Release details

119 mins

Cast and crew

Roger Young
Dan Gordon
David Keith
Malcolm McDowell
David Suchet
Warren Clarke
John McEnery
Nancy Paul
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