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Time Out says

Straight to video in Britain, but audience support in the US eventually won it a theatrical release. Inspired by They Live by Night and the original Gun Crazy, this is a love-on-the-run yarn, with the incendiary Barrymore immensely sympathetic as the promiscuous, sexually mistreated teen who goes on the lam with former prison pen-pal LeGross. They leave behind an unwitting trail of death and destruction, begun by her shooting of abusive guardian Dallesandro. Although it doesn't seek to excuse their wrongdoing, the film stands out for its convincing depiction of the up-against-it white-trash mentality and the overriding demands of youthful desire.

By: TJ


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Tamra Davis
Matthew Bright
Drew Barrymore
James LeGros
Joe Dallesandro
Billy Drago
Michael Ironside
Rodney Harvey
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