Guru in Seven

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Sanjay (Ganatra), an immature charmer on the cusp of thirty, is struggling as an artist on the dole. Left by his black girlfriend because he refuses to marry, he accepts a bet from pub mates that he can sleep with seven women in a week and thus become 'the guru'. Will his smugness see him through? Or is he heading for a fall? This micro budget comedy will doubtless offend (or bore) many, not least members of the London Punjabi community who take some of Sanjay's sharpest jibes. With its cavalier, non-PC sexual mores (probably more representative than is usually allowed), this is not art cinema but it makes many '90s British-Asian movies seem distinctly old hat. Shot on the lam, Ganatra holds the film together with a mix of self-parody, flash Harry charm and little-boy-lost innocence.

By: WH


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Shani Grewal
Shani Grewal
Saeed Jaffrey
Jacqueline Pearce
Nitin Chandra Ganatra
Lea Rochelle
Lynne Michelle
Elle Lewis
Amanda Pointer
Samantha Spiro
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