Hail, Mary


Time Out says

Wily Godard has located the Biblical story of the Virgin Birth among the present-day Swiss. Godard's Mary (beautifully incarnated by Roussel, his Karina-like discovery) has to cope with an unconvinced and irritable Joseph, eventually almost beaten into submission by an oafish Gabriel, who performs the Annunciation at a petrol station. While Joseph learns the hardest of ways that love is not all fleshly desire, a parallel story tells of a young girl called Eva receiving a painful lesson in male inconstancy. Composed like a brilliant mosaic, Godard's film gives fresh meaning to everyday images; makes us listen to Dvorak with renewed appreciation; and shows the female nude as though never filmed before.

By: DT


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Jean-Luc Godard
Jean-Luc Godard
Myriem Roussel
Thierry Rode
Philippe Lacoste
Manon Andersen
Juliette Binoche
Malachi Jara Kohan
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