Halbe Welt

Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

This ultimately exasperating slice of Austrian sci-fi conjures up a metropolitan society where the sun's rays have become fatal and life continues at night or behind shades. Controlling all images of the sunlit world now off-limits is the all powerful Luna organisation, but a disparate band of rebels stands determined to free themselves from the dark and re-embrace the light. Unfortunately, this is only half the movie. There's the germ of an idea, excellent use of Vienna and Hamburg locations, and impressive high-contrast photography, yet the plotting and characterisation are dispiritingly minimal and one's interest soon flags. A missed opportunity.

By: TJ


Release details

83 mins

Cast and crew

Florian Flicker
Florian Flicker, Michael Sturminger
Rainer Egger
Daniel Levy
Maria Schrader
Mercedes Echerer
Goran Rebic
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