Half Moon Street


Time Out says

An American linguist and economist working in London, Dr Slaughter (Weaver) supplements her meagre income by prostitution. The relationship she strikes up with a regular client, troubleshooting diplomat Lord Bulbeck (Caine), not only follows the customary course of clandestine trysts and growing jealousy, but also entangles her in a web of violent political intrigue. Adapted from Paul Theroux's novel Dr Slaughter, Swaim's follow-up to La Balance is a dud. Without decent direction, Weaver's portrayal of a woman intent on exercising full control over her life, but unwittingly manipulated by all around her, seems merely embarrassed, while - with the exception of the dependable Caine - the supporting characterisations are woefully thin. London becomes a familiar topographical mish-mash, the narrative is ramshackle, and even the action set pieces - the most memorable aspect of the earlier film - are clumsily executed.

By: GA


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Bob Swaim
Bob Swaim, Edward Behr
Sigourney Weaver
Michael Caine
Patrick Kavanagh
Faith Kent
Ram John Holder
Keith Buckley
Annie Hanson
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