Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Ten years after his incarceration in a maximum security prison, catatonic ex-knife-wielder Michael Myers (Wilbur) finds himself transferred to a 'normal' hospital. In no time at all our boy snaps out of his decade-long coma, stiffs a few ambulance men, and trudges off to his old haunting ground of Haddonfield, intent upon introducing his cutesy-pop little niece (Harris) to the cutting edge of his eccentric behaviour. 'Evil... on two legs!' exclaims deranged, disfigured Dr Loomis (Pleasence), before steaming off in search of his favourite patient. Then it's the usual town-under-siege-by-indestructible-psycho nonsense: the Halloween celebrations are curtailed by Michael's festive antics; police officers are massacred (off-screen, naturally); kiddies are terrorised; promiscuous teenagers discover that if you make out behind your parents' backs the bogeyman will slice you up. Halloween III ditched Myers, realising that as an archetypal harbringer of doom he was a dead duck. It's a shame that the lure of the cash registers resurrected the beleagured bore. The shocks are infinitesimal, the script diabolical.

By: MK


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Dwight H Little
Alan McElroy
Donald Pleasence
Ellie Cornell
Danielle Harris
Michael Pataki
Beau Starr
Kathleen Kinmont
Sasha Jenson
George P Wilbur
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