Hambone and Hillie

Film, Family and kids

Time Out says

Spunky li'l dog misplaces Lillian Gish at the airport. Not having the price of a transcontinental flight he's reduced to walking. Will he die or get lost, or will he take the scenic route and meet colourful characters before reaching California? Take a wild guess. There's the sheriff's pregnant wife who needs a hand - well, a paw - when a psychotic intruder shows up, there's a narrow escape from a vivisectionist and the retrospective delight of an OJ Simpson cameo. Having a supernatural sense of direction but no map, Hambone crosses Illinois and Monument Valley on the way to the Sunshine State. It would be a shame to reveal whether the pooch and Hillie are reunited.

By: DO


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Roy Watts
Sandra Bailey, Michael S Murphey, Joel Soisson
Lillian Gish
Timothy Bottoms
Candy Clark
OJ Simpson
Robert Walker
Jack Carter
Alan Hale Jr
Anne Lockhart
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