Hands Up!


Time Out says

Though doubts have been expressed as to the wisdom of re-editing the original footage to make space for a prologue shot in 1981 in London and Beirut, Skolimowski's film, more aptly titled than he realised, proves well worth waiting for since its suppression by the Polish authorities in 1967. Shot in sepia and grey, bursting with '60s energy and invention, funny yet vitriolic, it details in consistently vivid imagery a collective psychodrama staged by four disillusioned students in an abandoned cattle truck. Unforgettable.

By: GAd


Release details

78 mins

Cast and crew

Jerzy Skolimowski
Jerzy Skolimowski, Andrzej Kostenko
Jerzy Skolimowski
Bogumil Kobiela
Joanna Szczerbic
Adam Hanuszkiewcz
Alan Bates
David Essez
Bruno Ganz
Karol Kulik
Mike Sarne
Gerald Scarfe
Volker Schlöndorff
Feliks Topolski
Fred Zinnemann
Tadeusz Lomnicki
Jane Asher
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