Happily Ever After


Time Out says

When did the French get so hung up on monogamy? Apparently times have changed for la France: Husbands feel henpecked, wives seem put upon, and affairs are fraught with ambivalence and self-loathing. While Attal's previous feature, My Wife Is an Actress, centered on a husband's jealousy, Happily Ever After focuses on a wife's, as Gabrielle (Gainsbourg) agonizes over the infidelity of Vincent (Attal) and whether or not to sleep around herself. Though blessed with some wonderfully moving moments, this is a jigsaw puzzle of a picture you've seen many, many times before.

By: RS


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Yvan Attal
Yvan Attal
Yvan Attal
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Emmanuelle Seigner
Alain Chabat
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