Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

In the barren wastelands of the future, a zone trooper stumbles upon the remains of an advanced killing machine, the Mark 13 cyborg. Purchased by rugged space trooper Mo (McDermott) as a gift for his sculptress girlfriend Jill (Travis), the dismembered fragments reconstruct themselves from household appliances, turning Jill's apartment into a combat zone as the reborn machinery goes on the rampage. Former pop-promo director Stanley's feature debut is an impressive assault on the senses, a shamelessly plagiaristic robotics nightmare laden with OTT apocalyptic symbolism and brash cinematic homages, from Argento's Deep Red to Cameron's The Terminator. Stanley's gaudy vision achieves a roller-coaster pace, swept along by an incessant industrial soundtrack, the perfect backdrop for Image Animation's deliciously fetishistic creation, all pumping pistons and sinewy flex. An energetic, low-budget Pandora's Box of delights, tailor-made for the disposable '90s.

By: MK


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Stanley
Richard Stanley, Mike Fallon
John Lynch
Mark Northover
Carl McCoy
Dylan McDermott
Iggy Pop
Stacey Travis
William Hootkins
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