Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

I’ll come clean – this stoner comedy is one of the funniest films I’ve seen since ‘There’s Something About Mary’. Harold (John Cho) is an efficient Korean-born finance rep who’s often left to pick up the pieces of his xenophobic, work-shy colleagues; his best mate, Kumar (Kal Penn), a promising Indian medical student constantly ribbed by the local dunderhead gang, is supposed to be readying himself for a series of career interviews but, quite frankly, he’d rather just get stoned. And what pleases Kumar pleases Harold. During a toking session, the pair spy a TV ad for a well-known US fast-food joint that spurs them into an overnight burger quest that proceeds to spiral ridiculously, and hilariously, out of control. The film comes with at least half-a-dozen side-splitting scenes, yet behind all the Farrelly-esque gross-out humour and Cheech & Chong-isms lies a sensitive little picture with a deftly handled anti-racism slant. Credit too to the congenial leads (especially Penn), who have their indomitable characters down to a T.

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Cast and crew

Danny Leiner
Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg
John Cho
Kal Penn
Paula Garcés
Neil Patrick Harris
David Krumholtz
Eddie Kaye Thomas
Christopher Meloni
Ryan Reynolds
Fred Willard
Ethan Embry
Malin Akerman
Jordan Prentice
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