Harry and the Butler


Time Out says

A gentle comedy offering the promise of easy social consensus. Harry (Helmuth) is a simple old-time shop porter offered a chance at self-realisation when he's bequeathed a sum by an unknown relative (via several levels of fiscal blood suckers). He decides to engage a butler to take good care of him for a time. This is a man of distinguished upper class service, but a generous nature which happily integrates with Harry's small but colourful world of drinking buddies and crackpot neighbourhood kids. Affable whimsy.

By: NB


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Bent Christensen
Bent Christensen, Leif Panduro
Lily Broberg
Henning Moritzen
Olaf Ussing
Palle Kirk
Osvald Helmuth
Lise Ringheim
Ebbe Rode
Gunnar Lauring
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