Harry In Your Pocket


Time Out says

Coburn as a jet-set pickpocket in a film that looks as if it should have been sold straight to the TV networks. Too much time is devoted to the least interesting aspect of the story, a rather silly love triangle involving Coburn. Sarrazin and Devere. Coburn's profession demands that he remain a cipher in the society in which he has chosen to operate, but this implication is never developed; and too little time is devoted to the art of the professional pickpocket at work, something else that would have made for a more interesting time.

By: CPe


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Bruce Geller
Ron Austin, James D Buchanan
James Coburn
Michael Sarrazin
Trish Van Devere
Walter Pidgeon
Michael C Gwynne
Tony Giorgio
Michael Stearns
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