Hasta Morir


Time Out says

Well-directed, effective contemporary tragi-drama of disenchanted Mexico City youth focusing on two friends since childhood. One is a cool criminal dude with a 'Pachucho' tattoo, a pork-pie hat and a belief in knives (a noble weapon) rather than guns; the other a weak vessel with an dog who adopts an empty machismo when the pressure builds following a store robbery. Blending familar staples such as the Cain and Abel story, the doppelgänger and the conventions of the US ghetto movie, writer/director Sarinana nevertheless manages to turns a fresh eye on notions of couth and cool for today's barrio boys. Its enjoyable music track of acoustic guitar rock and Mexican-style funk sets the tone perfectly. No masterpiece, but it keeps you involved.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Fernando Sariñana
Marcela Fuentes Berain
Demián Bichir
Juan Manuel Bernal
Dolores Beristain
Vanessa Bouche
Verónica Merchant