Time Out says

With Brooke Adams in fine form as the young woman fleeing an unhappy marriage and taking refuge with a family in a more drastic state of disintegration than her own, this out-and-out melodrama sees her confronting as heavy a mix of cruelty, confusion and incipient insanity as Barbara Stanwyck ever had to face in the '50s. Far darker than the likes of Dallas and Dynasty (since it avoids their drossy gloss and plasticky plotting), it impresses due to a careful script, superb naturalistic performances, and - perhaps most importantly - a profound and rare awareness that upset/unbalanced people sorely in need of help are very often a total pain in the ass.

By: GA


Release details

118 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Roemer
Michael Roemer
Brooke Adams
Jon De Vries
Ari Meyers
Trish Van Devere
Mark Arnott
Scottie Bloch
Roseanna Cox
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