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Cuba, 1958. Revolution is in the air, American gangsters and corrupt politicians enjoy a last taste of unrestrained capitalism. Slick gambler Jack Weil (Redford) prefers poker to politics, but then he meets glamorous Swedish revolutionary Bobby (Olin) and her rich husband (Julia). Suddenly he's making radical gestures, braving financial loss and life-threatening situations in a bid to save her from dictator Batista's men. Redford's seventh collaboration with Pollack has a romantic, dramatic sweep which glosses over some of the most intense scenes. Crisp, luminous images alternate with dusty filters to help create a sense of heightened reality. Sexual attraction leads to political awareness; the speed at which the central relationship develops provides an indication of social change, with Bobby betraying her class and Jack forced to acknowledge some difficult truths about himself. But the whole thing lacks conviction.

By: CM


Release details

145 mins

Cast and crew

Sydney Pollack
Judith Rascoe, David Rayfiel
Robert Redford
Lena Olin
Raul Julia
Alan Arkin
Tomas Milian
Daniel Davis
Richard Farnsworth
Mark Rydell
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