Film, Comedy

Time Out says

It's a worthy idea: a dark comedy about two men, in their prime but terminally ill in hospital, who decide to live their last days to the full. So in surgeon's greens and hijacked ambulance, the handsome lawyer (Dalton) and American football player (Edwards) make for Amsterdam with the intention of bonking their balls off in a brothel. Waylaid, however, by a couple of Sharons (McTeer, Coduri), they discover that nice girls will do it for the dying with a glad heart and kinky négligée. Miller's attempts to set a life-affirming tone hit hysteria, although the script by Roy Clarke (Last of the Summer Wine) doesn't help, with its relentless innuendo and offensively stereotyped characters dragging the humour through black to blue. Ultimately, the over-zealous exploitation of anything that might make an unappealing subject more commercial kills the film.

By: EP


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Ellis Miller
Roy Clarke
Timothy Dalton
Anthony Edwards
Janet McTeer
Camille Coduri
Jill Bennett
Robert Lang
Sheila Hancock
Geoffrey Palmer
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