Heart of Light


Time Out says

An engaging if slightly ungainly venture into the recent history of Greenland and its indigenous inhabitants. After a stock silent newsreel prologue recalling the country's dilemma pre-subordination to Danish rule, the film begins in turbulent family-crisis mode with a drunken middle-aged father, Rasmus (Lyberth), alienating his two sons with his insistent nationalist traditions and old-time hunting bravado. This soon boils over, somewhat unconvincingly, but the ensuing numb self-exploration in the vast blank tundra - Rasmus finally picks up his sled for real and goes in search of his roots - makes singular unbound drama, combining historical and mystical elements to intriguing and moving effect.

By: NB


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Jacob Grønlykke
Jacob Grønlykke, Hans Anthon Lynge
Rasmus Lyberth
Vivi Nielsen
Niels Platow
Kenneth Rasmussen
Laila Rasmussen
Anda Kristensen
Knud Petersen
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