Heartbreak Ridge

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

After three tours in Vietnam, gunnery sergeant Tom Highway (Eastwood) approaches retirement, and is assigned to the Reconnaissance Platoon where he started. Alas, the US Marines are now run by penpushers, theorists and time-servers; so when Grenada looms, there is only Highway between his rookies and a row of body-bags. In format, this is no more than the classic mission movie: first they train, then they do it for real. But the film belongs to Eastwood. Now looking increasingly like an Easter Island statue, he has a voice pickled in bourbon, a tongue like razor wire, and a body so full of shrapnel that he can't walk through airport metal detectors. When he isn't putting his men through hell, he is sobering up in the brig or reading women's magazines to get a clue on how to speak to his ex-wife. CPea.


Release details

130 mins

Cast and crew

Clint Eastwood
Jim Carabatsos
Everett McGill
Mario Van Peebles
Marsha Mason
Moses Gunn
Boyd Gaines
Eileen Heckart
Bo Svenson
Clint Eastwood
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