Time Out says

Commissioned by the city of Kochi to mark the opening of its Museum of Modern Art, this experimental feature by Japan's foremost gay indie film-maker almost defies description. The film is divided into six 10-minute chapters (or 'boxes') which, says Oki, add up to an image of 'heaven'. They certainly do add up to a portrait of the city and its people, from the mayor posing outside the railway station to the undressed boys lying around Oki's own apartment, from a strange piece of performance art outside the new museum to the fish market and the youth orchestra playing on the seashore. Ineffably idiosyncratic and mildly sexy, it rewards repeated viewings.

By: TR


Release details

60 mins

Cast and crew

Hiroyuki Oki
Yasuhisa Kiyooka
Gensho Takasaki
Yoshie Takasaki
Jun Osaki
Tei Osaki
Kenji Tsuzuki
Daijiro Hashimoto
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