Heavy Traffic

Film, Animation
Heavy Traffic

Time Out says

An animated follow-up to Fritz the Cat that must have been worked out on a computer. Take one pinball wizard, plus one godfather, plus one underground comic artist, plus black chickette power, plus anything else that grabbed the boppers ten years ago, and you should have what they all want to see. Despite the occasional stream of animated piss, stretched cock or flashed twat, or the 'innovation' of combined live and animated sequences, the movie falls apart at every seam, a humourless mess, a stale joke. The quality of the animation is cornflake packet standard, the script - one or two minor moments excepted - a disaster.

By: JDuC


Release details

75 mins

Cast and crew

Ralph Bakshi
Ralph Bakshi
Joseph Kaufmann
Beverley Hope Atkinson
Franke de Kova
Terri Haven
Mary Dean Lauria
Jacqueline Mills
Lillian Adams
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