Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Film, Drama
Headwig and the Angry Inch

Time Out says

The Angry Inch is her band - a rare rock group named after a lesser member - and Hedwig a naturalised American icon in waiting, an 'internationally ignored song stylist' who used to be Hansel, a slip of an East German boy, before a botched backstreet sex op changed not quite everything. We catch the band in the act, touring suburban salad bars, obsessively tracking one Tommy Gnosis - Rock God, and defendant in Hedwig's forthcoming multi-million dollar plagiarism suit. The set is staged, you might say. Hedwig's performance (and you'd better believe she's never off) is a desperate plea for attention; it's autobiography as frock opera. At least she gives good barb. I love the idea that young Hansel's Berlin home was so cramped his Mütter made him play in the oven. But for a movie about a little prick, there's something monstrously self-aggrandising going on: Hedwig invokes the Berlin Wall as a metaphor for his/her sexual identity crisis, for example, and not the other way round; the relentless narcissism dominates every scene, every self-deprecating one-liner. It's easy to imagine that John Cameron Mitchell's full-on, wigged-in presence more than carried the live show off-Broadway and beyond; but despite the creator/actor/director's energetic efforts, the material never feels comfortable in its new form.

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Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

John Cameron Mitchell
John Cameron Mitchell
Miriam Shor
Rob Campbell
Alberta Watson
John Cameron Mitchell
Stephen Trask
Michael Pitt
Michael Aronov
Theodore Liscinski
Andrea Martin
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