Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Film, Horror

Time Out says

A disappointing sequel to Clive Barker's innovatory 'body horror' pic, which - while making some effort to flesh out the Cenobite mythology - simply performs cosmetic surgery on the original. This time, it's a skinned Julia (Higgins) who writhes up from a blood-caked mattress, while depraved psychiatrist Dr Channard (Cranham) summons Pinhead and his pals with the help of Tiffany (Boorman), a dumb teenager with a penchant for solving puzzles. And when Kirsty (Laurence) receives a message in blood from her Hell-bound father, she plunges into a subterranean labyrinth to save him. Directed with staggering ineptitude, this never approaches the visceral intensity and flesh-crawling terror of the first film. The teenage heroines are too insipid to elicit either interest or sympathy, Julia's graduation from wicked stepmother to Evil Queen erases a crucial element of moral ambiguity, and the labyrinth looks like a cross between an MC Escher painting and a '70s 'progressive rock' album cover. Only Channard's transformation into a Cenobite, and subsequent celebration of his perverse power, match the intellectual complexity and visual ferocity of Hellraiser.


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Tony Randel
Peter Atkins
Claire Higgins
Ashley Laurence
Kenneth Cranham
Imogen Boorman
Sean Chapman
William Hope
Doug Bradley
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