Her Majesty, Love

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Fields plays second fiddle to bright-eyed Marilyn Miller (a fellow Ziegfeld star) and the all-smiling, all-leaping Ben Lyon in his first sound feature, an adaptation of a German film with few belly laughs but much charm. He plays the unpresentable father of a barmaid engaged to a dashing young toff, and enjoys himself scandalising dinner guests with a few juggling routines perilously performed with food and kitchenware. Aside from such set pieces, he's still good value, for Fields is one of the few screen comics who could take on the part of a doting father and retain credibility.

By: GB


Release details

75 mins

Cast and crew

William Dieterle
Robert Lord, Arthur Caesar, Henry Blanke, Joseph Jackson
Marilyn Miller
WC Fields
Ben Lyon
Leon Errol
Ford Sterling
Chester Conklin
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