Here Comes Mr Jordan


Time Out says

Mildly engaging fantasy, remade as Heaven Can Wait in 1978, with Montgomery as the boxer despatched to his eternal rest by clerical error and returned to earth with Rains as his avuncular guardian angel. Lovely supporting performances from Rains, Horton (the anxiously over-zealous heavenly messenger who made the mistake in the first place) and Gleason (a hopelessly bemused fight manager); but the comedy of errors as Montgomery casts around for a new body in which to pursue his championship ambitions is rather uncomfortably tinged with the fey archness which so often came over Hollywood when envisaging an afterlife.

By: TM


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Alexander Hall
Sidney Buchman, Seton I Miller
Claude Rains
James Gleason
Robert Montgomery
Rita Johnson
Evelyn Keyes
Edward Everett Horton
Lloyd Bridges
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