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For those who take on the task of making the official documentary of the FIFA World Cup, there is one crucial question: with an impossible number of games to cover, how do you make sure that the most important moments are committed to celluloid? This team thought they had all bases covered by concentrating on the progress of ten key players from various countries; and although, by and large, it's a fairly sensible way of approaching the problem, there is still too much left out for this film to be entirely satisfactory. The commentary, by an awestruck Michael Caine, is embarrassingly over the top, but the film's real weakness is that two of the tournament's most significant games - Russia's 6-0 drubbing of Hungary, and then their defeat by Belgium in the best game of the whole series - barely get a mention. As a celebration of the talent of Diego Maradona, it's spellbinding, but as a record of the 1986 World Cup, it stinks.

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86 mins

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Tony Maylam
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