Heroes in Love


Time Out says

How come old Wong Kar-Wai movies still exert so much influence on new HK directors? Of the contributors to this portmanteau feature, Wing Shya has the best excuse (he works as Wong's graphic designer), but his episode Kidnap lets an interesting premise peter out: an introverted dyke (Tong) locks up the lippy girl she's been stalking (Cheng), hoping to make her love her. My Beloved (by hip young actors Tse and Fung, the weakest episode) awkwardly crosscuts between a pizza delivery boy's handgun fantasies and TV reportage on his crimes. Best of the three is woman dee-jay GC's Oh G!, which updates Chungking Express into the tale of a romantic young woman (Choi) blind-dating a boy she met on the internet. But he (Chou) turns out to be an archetypal laddish geek. Co-producer Lamb adds a coda which recaps all three episodes and draws some conclusions about solitude and coupledom. Livelier than most HK features these days, but hardly a triumph.

By: TR


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Wing Shya, Nicholas Tse, Stephen Fung, GC Goo-Bi
Chang Tze-Hin, Nicholas Tse, Stephen Fung, Patrick Kong, GC Goo-Bi
Tong Wing-Sze
Gloria Cheng
Wu Por
Charlene Choi
Lawrence Chou
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