High Society

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Musical remake of The Philadelphia Story which scores over the original only in its score. Crosby (especially) and Sinatra are miscast in the Cary Grant/James Stewart roles, and Grace Kelly only really catches the icy class of Tracy Lord, whereas Katharine Hepburn made her a complex comic creation. But despite many commentators' thumbs-down to one of Cole Porter's best late scores, the numbers are good, particularly the lesser-known ballads (like Bing's archetypal note-bending 'Samantha'). And there's not much gainsaying 'Well Did You Evah' (the only song not written for the movie, and it looks an intrusion) or 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' (with the undervalued Celeste Holm). A slightly misbegotten musical, but with many pleasures and Louis Armstrong, growing into sweet avuncularity.

By: SG


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Charles Walters
John Patrick
Grace Kelly
John Lund
Louis Armstrong
Frank Sinatra
Louis Calhern
Bing Crosby
Celeste Holm
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